Operation Round Up

Dubois REC offers members an opportunity to help their neighbors and communities in which they live. Operation Round Up is a community service fund raising program and a rewarding way for Co-op members to help fund worthwhile projects in their communities.  Operation Round Up is just what the name implies. Dubois REC will simply “round up” the electric bill of participating members to the next highest dollar. For example, a member’s monthly bill of $52.79 would be automatically rounded up to $53.00 with the additional 21 cents going to the Operation Round Up fund. Or, if your bill is $26.17, then the bill would be rounded up to $27.00 with 83 cents deposited in the fund.

Participating members will average 50 cents per month or $6.00 in contributions per year. Six dollars won't buy much by itself, but with the majority of our members participating, the fund will soon collect enough money to really make a significant difference. The maximum a member could contribute would be $11.88/year. That is 99 cents times 12 months which is highly unlikely. The donations are tax deductible and members will be notified each year of the total amount of their contribution.

All Operation Round Up donations are placed in trust and administered by an independent board of trustees operating on behalf of the Dubois REC Community Fund, Inc. The seven member board of trustees serves on a voluntary basis and geographically covers the Dubois REC service territory.

The fund shall be used to benefit people and organizations such as Special Olympics, volunteer fire departments, Relay for Life, youth programs, 4-H, disaster relief, senior citizen programs and other community service projects. The fund will NOT be used to pay electric bills or to support or oppose political candidates or campaigns.

The next round of applications will be accepted until Monday,  November 22, 2021.


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Dubois REC Operation Round Up Trustees:

Joel Jones, English
Troy Mason, Taswell
Kim Mehringer, Jasper
Elizabeth Englert, Ferdinand
Bruce Heeke, Dubois
Carla Buechler, Celestine
Stacy Weisman, Jasper