Surge Protection

There are several things you need to know about surge protection.

First, your home must be properly grounded regardless of the grade of protection.

Second, for maximum protection, there needs to be two stages of protection.

Primary surge protection is installed at your meter or service entrance.

Secondary surge protection is the plug type of protection. There are major differences in the quality and protection levels of surge protectors offered in today's market. The plug-in surge protectors are the most common type of protection in use. These units are used to protect computers, fax machines, or other sensitive electronic equipment. Most of the time, people buy these secondary surge protectors based on price and not the level of protection provided. Consequently, they don't have the protection they think they have.

A maximum grade of Primary surge protectors are available through Dubois REC. Buying surge protection equipment from the REC is easy! Just stop by the office or give us a call and someone will be happy to discuss your surge protection options. Some available options are listed below.

Meter Ring Surge Protector HG4S-250-15-L (Meter Ring Protection)
Ref # 15530006

120/240 VAC single phase, withstand up to 100,000 AMP surges. Surge protection with audible alarm 950-65 dB's). Includes coverage of items mechanical in nature, such as refrigerators, washer, dryers

Panel Surge Protection 40kA (Panel Protection)

The Titan 40W provides high quality surge protection in a compact and versatile hardwired package. It is ideal for applications that require the suppressor to be mounted in close proximity or inside the equipment being protected. Side nipple, two LEDs and audible alarm